Give Consciously With Tinggly, The World’s Most Inspiring (And Eco-Friendly) Gift Boxes

If someone told you that a bucket list-worthy adventure across the ocean was at your fingertips, the first question you might ask them is “How could that be possible during COVID?” According to Tinggly, a travel-inspired gift box company, that mind blowing trip has no expiry date – it’s ready whenever you are. 

In the spirit of giving stories (not stuff), Tinggly’s experience-based gift boxes aim to create meaningful memories and a cleaner planet. The formula is simple: by giving an experience, there is one less material gift produced to end up landfills.

Materialism is a concept that co-founders Linas Ceikus and Alex Gibb hope to strike down with their collection of over 2,000 experiences in over 100 countries around the world, and thankfully, they have a little help from the minimalism trend

More and more often, people are reminding each other that despite what social media says, you do not need more stuff to clutter up your life. Instead, they suggest incorporating things that will enhance it. For Ceikus and Gibb, gifting with Tinggly recognizes that as a gift-giver, you want the recipient to add real value to their everyday life.

“For my friend’s twenty-fith birthday, I gave him a gift of going quad-biking together. It was as simple as gifting a handwritten postcard with the invitation to spend time together in the forest trying something new, adventurous, and fun together,” Ceikus told Authority Magazine. “You can probably imagine that we loved it! This ‘gifting an experience’ idea continued for other friends and occasions. Soon I realized that if we love it, others might love it too.” 

For both singles and couples, there are plenty of experiences to savour, from bungee jumping to spa treatments, to cookery classes and hot air balloon rides. If you’re into taking it easy, a sailing dinner cruise in Barbados, a Japanese traditional Kimono tea ceremony, or a Siamese Thai massage may be in order. If living life on the edge sounds better, high-speed Aston Martin races in the U.K., zipline flights over the desert in Nevada, and white water rafting rides in the mountains of Switzerland are also available. 

Packages cost anywhere from $10 for a Tinggly gift card to $239 for a Bucket List Experience, though there’s one for every occasion too; weddings, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day. Plus, Tinggly’s gift boxes are fully biodegradable since they’re crafted from recycled materials and printed on with eco-friendly inks – a thoughtful touch for the planet-loving person in your life.

From installing trash traps in the rivers of Bali to successfully reducing the company’s carbon footprint by 200 per cent, Tinggly is well on its way to a cleaner, more sustainable future. But to top things off, the brand has promised to remove 11 pounds of plastic from the environment with every Tinggly gift box sold – that’s almost 220 plastic bottles.

Tinggly’s partnership with the Plastic Bank – an organization that ensures plastic is physically removed from the environment, recycled, and reused in what’s known as a closed-loop system – provides employment for those who live in low-income and impoverished communities around the world as well.

If Ceikus and Gibb’s collaborative effort to bring people together is not apparent through Tinggly’s ethics, business practices, or products, the duo has put together a collection of free experiences that are perfect for occasions when you may not normally be inclined to send a gift. If you’ve ever been stuck on what to give a far-away friend for their birthday or a distant family member for their anniversary, this is it

Especially during the pandemic, it’s important for people to stay connected. Through Tinggly’s point of view, simply saying “hello” to a loved one and gifting the inspiration for future travels is all that’s needed to anticipate a more positive future. 

Speaking of which… Our countdown to saying “aloha!” instead of “bonjour” starts now.

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