The Importance of Embodying Self Love with Lara Raybone

Lara Raybone is an embodiment coach who specializes in feminine empowerment helping women to liberate themselves in love, step into their fullest expression and deepest pleasure through connecting to self love, seasons and cycles, spirit and sexuality.

What is Self Love? Really. What does it truly mean to love yourself?

We have received so much conditioning around our worthiness and enoughness, about what is right and what is wrong through the lens of our caretakers, that we define the degree to which we love ourselves, based upon how we are received by others. Due to acceptance based upon appeasing behaviour, we develop a distortion around what love actually is.

This is because the way that we learn to love ourselves and others is modelled on condition. We are taught that certain traits and expressions, like kindness and doing as we are told are ‘good’ and other traits like sadness and anger are “bad’, often being reprimanded for such expressions. 

However, what this has done is fragment our psyche and forced us to internalize judgement of our own behaviours. What this does is create an internal war between the parts of ourselves that we accept, and the pieces we have been taught to lock away and not express at any cost.

The majority of us haven’t grown up with a role model for embodied self love, so how could we possibly know how to love and accept all parts of ourselves, if we have not witnessed it by example?

This is where self love is important. We are at a crossroads where the rise of self-love has peaked the curiosity of women worldwide, but what does this mean?

The movement started as self care rituals, bubble baths, candles and all of the yummy things we can do to care for and show ourselves love. This is beautiful and important. But the thing that excites me, the thing that I have found across working with hundreds of women all over the world, that is the most transformative, is how we love and tend to ourselves in our darkest moments. When we enter those mental spirals of self-criticism and trying to find evidence as to “Why we aren’t good enough”…”Why we failed”…”Why we aren’t lovable.” 

How deeply we can offer love and acceptance to our inner child when she is screaming for attention and running old stories that are no longer serving her. THIS is the sweet spot and this is the secret to cultivating a deep, deep state of self love- acceptance.

What if you were ALWAYS worthy of love?

What if you have the power within yourself to live as love?

Acceptance of all of the beautiful polarity of human experiences, that we ALL experience. It is breaking through those self imposed walls that are keeping us from claiming our true desires because living in ecstatic joy feels terrifying, loving and accepting all the pieces that arise to keep you from claiming it and loving yourself so deeply that you continue to live a life that sets your soul on fire. 

Self intimacy through meditation and journaling to create a safe space to explore these thought patterns. Non-linear movement and expression of ALL emotions, embracing and liberating them as they long to move through you, not become your captor. Creating space for joy, creativity, dance and play to bring a smile to the heart of your inner child. Create safety within your body to experience pleasure, worshipping the body and skin that you get to call home through pleasure, sumptuous bath rituals and self care.

This life is yours to love. My invitation to you is:

How can you love a forgotten part of yourself back to life today?

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