Our STYLE Editor’s Favourite Coffees in Celebration of National Coffee Day

In honour of National Coffee Day, our editorial team here at STYLE, put together a list of our favourite coffee shops (and coffee orders) from Toronto. Scroll below to see our picks and let us know on Instagram, how you’re celebrating #nationalcoffeeday and what coffee beverage you’re currently sipping on!

Elise’s Favourite: Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

“Iced Decaf Latte with Oat Milk, Light on the Ice and Cinnamon on top. I usually go for my coffee break around 3pm so I try and limit my caffeine intake, hence the decaf. I love a good latte as it feels like more of a snack than a drink with the oat milk. My old boss used to always add cinnamon to his coffee and I started to follow suit .. highly recommend!” – Elise Gasbarrino

@balzacscoffee via Instagram

Alyssa’s Favourite: Found Coffee

“My favourite café in Toronto is Found Coffee. I’ve been loving ‘The Pumpkin Spice’ recently, it has all of the great PSL flavours that I love, but it doesn’t have any syrups or artificial powders included- it’s pure goodness… literally fall in a cup!” Alyssa Harilall via Instagram

Lidia’s Favourite: Archtop Vinyl Café

“One of my favourite spots is Archtop Vinyl Café in Port Credit. I usually stick with an iced vanilla latte and it’s the best! Especially love summer days where I can grab one and sit by the water. Give it a try if you can!” – Lidia Moonsammy

@archtopcafe via Instagram

Regina’s Favourite: Everyday Gourmet Coffee Roasters

“Iced caramel latte with oat milk, I love my coffee sweet and milky. The caramel syrup from this coffee shop has a burnt taste that goes really well with their espresso. The creaminess of the oat milk makes this beverage taste like a coffee-flavoured crème Brûlée, just what I need to start my day!” – Regina Yohana

@egcoffee via Instagram

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