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Refresh Your Home for Summer

As the longest day is upon us, we’re ready to weave in new textures and reclaim new sustainable goods to give our home refresh this summer. From linen duvet covers to watermelon candles, we’re so ready to welcome in the sunshine. Shop our favourite summer home refresh goods below.

Linen Weave Duvet Cover from MUJI

Photo credit: MUJI

MUJI’s duvet cover is made of 100% linen to ensure you stay cool during the summer. What we love most about this duvet cover is its light look and feel, and that it gets softer with every use.

Lavender Dream Soap from Soap So Co.

Soap So Co
Photo credit: Soap So Co.

Lavender dream, is reminiscent of an idyllic field of sweet smelling flowers. The nurturing scent of lavender, provides us with a calming, creamy character that just might help you attain that elusive sense of relaxation and ease.

Watermelon Slice Candle from Lily Lou's Aromas

Lily Lou's Aromas
Photo credit: Lily Lou's Aromas

Transport yourself to the tropics with Lily Lou’s  Watermelon Slice candle! Founded by 9-year old minipreneur, Lily Harper, this homeschooling project turned business is sweeping the nation with sweet and playful scents that fill any space. Her new Passport to Paradise Collection was made for the summer, and handpoured by none other than Lily herself!

Linen Plain Weave Fitted Sheet from MUJI

Photo credit: MUJI

MUJI’s fitted sheets are our go-to in the summer sun. Made with 100% linen, and designed for light and airy nights, we have the best sleeps with these sheets.

Montauk Throw from Paperwhite Interiors

Paperwhite Interiors

As the weather changes, so to does our desire to layer lightly. The Montauk Throw is perfect styled on the end of a bed or draped over a sofa, and its lightweight linen design makes it a staple in our home this summer. 

Flow Basket from Savuti

Flow Basket Savuti
Photo credit: Savuti

Flow baskets are masterfully handwoven to emulate the rich texture of the dried palm vine and wild grass of Africa. Its unique scalloped shape signifies the meandering flow of the Zambezi River and reminds us all to take a moment to take in the natural spaces we create in our homes.

Prints from A Collection of Her

Photo credit: A Collection of Her

Written from the depths of her soul, Kristen of A Collection of Her, creates poetry from her heart to your walls. Each thought provoking poem is a fan favourite and a wonderful reminder to fill those white walls in your home.

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