Perfect Makeup for Your Casino Night 

Want to glam it up on your next casino-themed party? A memorable casino night begins with pulling off that really amazing look. It means having the perfect eyeshadows, brilliant shades and much more. Modesty has no place here. This is the perfect place to switch your royalty game on and lay it out there among the haughty shimmering women.

Whether you are planning to pull off a matte or shimmers to really dazzle on your quest to meet Lady Luck, we offer you the lowdown on how to wear perfect makeup on casino nights that is guaranteed to wow the crowds and turn the gazes and glances your way. If you visit a casino website like Guts, you will notice that the design is sophisticated yet bold. That’s exactly something you should aim for with your makeup.

Go Bold or Go Home  

People don’t go to casino parties to keep a low profile, so this is not the place for some understatement. If you are going to a casino-themed party, you’ve simply got to pull off a bolder, flashier and daring look that is bound to get you noticed. Everyone will be shimmering on casino nights and you won’t want to be the odd one out. Get the theme of the casino party and choose a dress and makeup to go with the theme. For instance, the eyeshadow should be a little bit more pronounced than what you’d wear in a corporate party. Do a full coverage foundation and add some wing eye that has some bold eyelashes.

What to Wear on Casino Night 

Choosing the perfect dress for an important occasion is often a real chore. It is even more nerve-wracking if that occasion will be a casino night brimming with elegance and beautiful people. However, there are certain evergreen dress choices that will blend nicely with any casino-themed parties. Examples of these are a gown or a maxi dress, as well as a shimmery little black dress (LBD). You can be a little gutsy here when choosing what to wear.

Don’t Forget to Wear a Smokey Eye 

Smokey eyes are made for night parties, particularly for some glamorous event like the casino night. Smokey eyes sound a lot easier in principle, but they aren’t as easy to pull off. You make a smokey eye by blending your dark eyeliners and eyeshadows on your eyelids and then diffusing out their edges in order to bring out that fashion-mag smokey eye effect.

Glossy Lips 

Matte lips are no longer as trendy as they were a few years back. If you are attending a casino night, you will need to wear something a little more glamorous and distracting: glossy lips. Casino night games such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette will hinge more on luck and your sharp wits but never underestimate the power of a little distraction. Those glossy lips might just be your secret weapon! Screaming red lips are also so yesterday so you might want to try a little subtlety, too.

Make it Glow 

What did they say about attracting positive energy? You’ve got to ooze it out to attract it. The same applies to winning on casino night. You aren’t going to win with a dull disposition and dull makeup. Make it glow to attract the big wins. Instead of going for matte cheeks, use a highlighter to make your cheeks glow. How far you want to make it really glow is up to you. Unlike with your lips, you can choose to go overboard here and make it really, really glow.

Some Effects Might Go A Long Way 

Casino-themed parties aren’t necessarily about being prim and proper. Here, you can take a little liberty with your makeup and make it a little bolder and playful. Depending on the casino activities you are planning to indulge in, you can even paint the nines on your cheek. If you will be sports betting, for instance, you can use your makeup choices to show support for your favorite team. Ultimately, casino nights are all about joy and fun so don’t hold yourself back from experimenting with those bold makeup ideas that you have been contemplating for quite some time.

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