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Our Top 15 Favourite Holiday Theme Nails

Our Top 15 Favourite Holiday Theme Nails

The Christmas Season is here, and we want to share with you Our Top 15 Favourite Holiday Theme Nails you need to get this season for upcoming parties and events. Glitter, colours, and designs keep reading and get some nail inspiration to be on trend this winter.

Coloured French

Absolutely, one of the strongest nail trends is the classic “French manicure,” but instead of white, you can use green, red, gold or a mixture of all.


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Also, if you want to be more on trend, be sure you get the “almond design” on your nails. Check out these cute designs, so you can get them for the Holidays.


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Candy Cane Designs, for sure!


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Without a doubt, talking about nails, anything goes well when you want to show your Christmas spirit, and having a Candy Cane French Design is one of our Favourite themes for this season.

Velvet Vibes

This velvet finish will give you the best look for this holiday; they are original, new, and have the velvet vibe for this winter. Try them in green and reddish colours to be more into the Christmas spirit.


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French Manicure

If you are in love with the classic French Manicure, this is your time to try it again because it is back! You will look trendy and classy at the same time.


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Graphic designs

This design is elegant and creative at the same time; black and gold are the perfect colours to match your Holiday outfit.


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Edgy French

Do you like the classic French Manicure, but you want to add more colour? Try the Edgy French Manicure with a bright red base and black tips.


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This design is fantastic and original, just using a tiny detail brush and the colours you want to mix. For this season, the perfect combination would be gold, silver and white!


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Holographic Nail Polish

The easiest way to look sparkly this season, find shiny nail polish. Add 2 to 3 layers, and you are done!


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Lilac and Purple Graphic


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This Graphic design adds more fun and creativity to your nails; try to play with the sizes of the squares and mix different tones of purple.

Colour Ombré


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Are you looking for a different design, but you don’t like graphics? This is the perfect option for you; pick a bright colour and find its range of degraded colours, like this beautiful pink option!

Pastel Tips

To keep with the French Manicure vibe, try to do the tips in different pastel colours; your nails will look clean and unique.


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Slime Green 

What is best than a neon colour on our nails? Our hands will call people’s attention, and we will look amazing! Try them on the green, and your outfit will have the punch you are looking for!


Source: Glamour Website

Half Moons

This is the design for you if you want to look chic and elegant for your Holiday Outfits. Check it out!


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Iridescent Emerald

Last but not least, this iridescent emerald manicure is equal parts festive and fashion-forward; it’s fun and easy to create. Styling tip: Emerald is a universal colour that fits everyone!


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