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NYFW SS24: The Runway Recap

The city that never sleeps held true to form this past week as creatives and style seekers took over the streets of New York, enduring high humidity and storm squalls to preview the latest Spring Summer ‘24 (SS24) collections. Proof that there is no such thing as bad weather when it comes to fashion.

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has ended, however, the SS24 season is imminent, so we have compiled a run-down of our favourite shows. From seasoned design legends to the fresh on the scene, up and comers, we have your closet covered.

Bishme Cromartie Explores Street Garde

Image Source: Nancy Kim @nsbkim

‘Project Runway All Stars’ Season 20 winner launched his collection at NYFW just days after the big win. Fusing the worlds of Streetwear and Avant-Garde designs, the Faye’s Quantum collection boldly embodies abstract shapes that are both strong and feminine, offering a captivating juxtaposition to denim cargo pants, hooded draped dresses, and romantically ruffled gown skirts.

This bold blend explores the uncharted territory of Street Garde – a realm where sensuality, strength, masculinity, and femininity seamlessly coexist, and conventionality is redefined. The Bishme Cromartie woman is dynamic, always on the move, and unapologetically a standout wherever she goes.

Helmut Lang Sets the Tone for the New York Fashion Uniform

Image Source: Giovanni Giannoni

Fashion prodigy Peter Do, unveiled his debut collection at Helmut Lang, striking a harmonious chord between artistic evolution and timeless nostalgia. Seamlessly blending with Helmut Lang’s established aesthetic, Peter infused his own distinctive identity, exemplifying expert tailoring with a clever nod to the brand’s taxi-themed legacy, including seat belt motifs and contemplative quotes adorning both the garments and the runway itself. The collection swiftly transformed from highly anticipated to universally adored, serving as a powerful reminder that Do can indeed ‘Do’ anything.”

Get to Work at Dion Lee

Image Source: Isidore Montag

Drawing inspiration from blue-collar workers typically unassociated with high fashion, Lee ventured into unfamiliar territory for SS24. Dion rolled up his sleeves, pulled out his toolbox and took elevated workwear to an entirely new dimension. Think – wrenches, bungee cords, and cables seamlessly integrating into Lee’s signature technical aesthetic. The runway featured high leather boots, infinite pocket belts, and a striking array of denim ombre looks transitioning from deep dark hues to radiant light.

Tiffany Brown is Feeling Blue

Image Source: Nancy Kim @nsbkim

All blue everything – a complete collection of beautiful periwinkle ensembles. From casual, beachy vibes to refined, elegant and exceptionally crafted evening wear. Making it easy to elevate your style and find your perfect hue.

Michael Kors Wants to Take You on Vacation

Image Source: Isidore Montag

A stunning blend of classic American glamour and contemporary sensibility, capturing the essence of summer or beachside getaway with a color palette inspired by sunsets and coastal blues. Flowing maxi dresses in soft, sun-kissed shades dominate the runway, giving a sense of effortless elegance. A glamorous escape and a jolt of sophisticated optimism.

Accessories play a pivotal role, with oversized sun hats, statement sunglasses, and beachy totes adding an air of luxury to the looks. The collection radiates a sense of relaxed opulence, making it versatile for both casual and formal occasions.

Melke Presented by Got Milk?

Image Source: Nancy Kim @nsbkim

Designed by Emma Gage, this collection is inspired by a foundational memory of being seven years old and watching Elton John perform on the Muppet Show. She was enamoured by his performance of “Crocodile Rock,” as he was covered in feathers and sequins and appeared to be swallowed in lush greenery. Emma transports showgoers to a land full of joy and childhood memories, via the yellow brick road (aka: the runway) surrounded by rhinestones, fringe, and crocodiles.

Tanner Fletcher Wonders Who Will Take Home the Crown

Image Source: Nancy Kim @nsbkim

Brooklyn-based design label Tanner Fletcher, designed by Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kassell, transformed their runway into a classic and fluid beauty pageant. This grand spectacle, hosted by charismatic jazz musician Cait Jones, featured a lineup of 31 remarkable contestants, including the reigning Miss Universe. Each contestant made a grand entrance, parading through the venue adorned in the latest classic, with a twist creation from the brand, accompanied by eloquent and fact-based descriptions.

As the show unfolded, each contestant’s unique personality and corresponding ensemble brought to life the essence of the Tanner Fletcher universe – where femme and whimsical fashion reign supreme, designed for those who confidently embrace and express their authentic selves.

Concept Korea Tells a Story Rich in Culture and Time

Image Source: Nancy Kim @nsbkim

Highly anticipated, the returning show featured a fresh lineup of designers: KIMMY.J, CHARM’S, and MMAM. This showcase highlights the richness of design styles flourishing within the Korean fashion space.

KIMMY.J, helmed by designers Jenny Kim and Haeun Lee, combines socially meaningful fashion and artistry. Collaborating with artists who convey poignant messages, their collection takes an avant-garde approach, drawing inspiration from punk aesthetics.

CHARM’S, led by creative director Yohan Kang, is an emotionally charged brand dedicated to empowering wearers with confidence and grace. Exploring themes of culture and youth, collections often mirror the state of the world examining Earth as a stage for the intricate interplay of human nature, compassion, and conflict.

MMAM, by Hyun Park, celebrates the philosophical value of family by incorporating elements of graffiti into timeless silhouettes. Inspiration from doodle drawings, their signature graffiti, embodies the primal language of a child’s creativity and the innate human desire for play. A spotlight is placed on self-acceptance through a genderless, ageless, and size less collection that transcends boundaries and embraces diversity.

Written by: Janice Ronan

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