Photo provided by Carlo Colacci
Photo provided by Carlo Colacci


New Year, New Home: Refresh your Space with these 2024 Design Trends

2024 is awash with fresh design ideas. Whether you’re seeking a calm sanctuary infused with natural elements or looking to spark creativity with a bold and vibrant new space, 2024 is all about bringing individuality, playfulness, interesting contrasts, and timeless elegance to the forefront.

If you’re embarking on a major renovation or simply looking for an instant refresh by updating a few elements, these five home design trends for 2024 offer inspiration aplenty.

Get playful with colour

A vibrant splash of colour is an easy and exciting way to create new visual interest. Be Bold! Paint choices bring drama and individually to a space. Have fun and embrace your personality by using your favourite colours in your home. If you’re not quite ready for a big bold move, inject a punch of colour with accent pieces that make a statement like eye-catching artwork, an area rug or fun, over-the-top accessories.

Out with the corners, in with the curves

Photo provided by Carlo Colacci

Photo provided by Carlo Colacci. This 1950s solid wood coffee table features rounded edges, asymmetrical lines and cylindrical legs, offering an interesting focal point.

Curving lines introduce a softer look in a room, providing a contrast to hard edges and sharp corners. Mimicking shapes found in nature, like the movement of water and the rounding stems of flowers, curving lines offer a sense of playfulness, movement and harmony to a space. Consider a rounded sectional or a curved coffee table for a soothing focal point.

Bring nature indoors

Take a page from biophilic design with elements inspired by nature. Eco-friendly, plant-forward design will feature prominently this year. Expect to see unusual, sustainable materials and lots of floral, leaf and fruit motifs. Think playful fabrics for throw pillows, shower curtains or a sofa. Plant-focused accessories, wallpaper, art and even graphic tiles in a backsplash all nod to nature and bring the outdoors in. And of course, if you have a green thumb, add some living plants for a tranquil oasis.

Photo provided by Carlo Colacci

Photo provided by Carlo Colacci. Featuring curving lines and a whimsical design, this 1981 vintage, low-slung Ligne Roset Togo sofa, with its original black and white foliage print fabric, is a perfect mix of several trends.

Create warmth with earth tones

Not a fan of bold colours? From wall colours to furniture, inviting neutrals are always a popular choice. Pair warm beiges or browns with soft furnishings to create a classic, timeless elegance that evokes calm, cozy comfort.

Retro revival

Photo provided by Carlo Colacci

Photo provided by Carlo Colacci. Layer brown and neutral tones to create a warm and welcoming space. The 1970s offers plenty of inspiration, like this modular sectional.

Praised for its sustainability, quality craftsmanship and individuality, vintage décor will continue to be a design staple throughout 2024. Achieve a layered and eclectic yet cohesive design by mixing and matching contrasting elements or pairing modern with bespoke vintage from different decades. Hand-crafted furnishings and décor with lots of character contribute to an aesthetic that is equal parts homey, refined and interesting – but most importantly, you. After all, the greatest 2024 trend is individuality.

Written by Carlo Colacci

Carlo Colacci is an entrepreneur and design consultant for such projects as the Drake Hotel Properties and Fitzrovia Real Estate. He is the co-owner of Toronto’s iconic Drake General Store, and founder of Bonne Choice, a design dealer, showroom and e-commerce site specializing in rare and vintage collectible furniture, as well as locally and globally sourced contemporary home furnishings and décor. 

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