The New Year rings in many things: new opportunities, new experiences and most prominently – new health goals. As we are all well aware our social medias and television screens are becoming filled with the annual promotion of health and fitness. 

If you’re like me after the holiday season, I am looking to work off all of the desserts and cookies consumed over the past few weeks. 

To start my active journey in the new year, here are a few of my favourite athletic wear to hit the gym in. Scroll below to check them out and to shop Lululemon! 

This long-sleeve is great for those winter weather workouts or if you are layering up to go for a run outdoors.

These tights are my favourite and they are super comfortable to wear while working out (I also wear them as athleisure wear too!)

This sweater is great for running outside or for throwing on to go grocery shopping. It’s comfortable and super warm without being too heavy to sweat in. 

These shorts will come in handy when the spring/ summer weather hits. They come in an array of colours so you can have one to match every sports bra in your closet! 

A workout tee is a staple for everyone’s active closet and this shirt is the perfect choice to buy- it is not clingy and has advance technology that works while you sweat to keep your body feeling comfortable at all times. 

This tank top is great for layering or for wearing on its own while getting active in the spring/ summer. It comes in a few other colours so you can grab a few for versatility! 

This sweater is great for hitting the gym or working up a sweat in your neighbourhood, it’s lightweight but still provides the perfect amount of warmth. 

This bag is perfect for running with. It can hold your phone, keys and wallet so you can workout hands-free.