Every mom should leave the house fully equipped to handle whatever the day throws at them. With the luxury of handbags, of all sizes, moms are able to carry more in their bags than before. 

 Here are a few things every mom should have in her purse:


A healthy snack like a protein bar or fruit chunks (in a small lunch box) will keep you strong and feeling full between meals. Giving you much needed energy throughout the day.

Small sewing kits that fit perfectly into handbags and can patch hems and sew on buttons in an emergency. 

A notebook will allow making lists for school and shopping purposes a lot easier, especially when a last minute idea pops into your head while on the road. 

Having tissues on hand is always a good idea. Whether it’s for runny noses or a makeup mishap, these zero-waste tissues are cute, convenient and come in an adorable carrying case.  

Having emergency numbers and other essential contacts on hand is a great help when you get stuck in traffic or have to contact someone in case of an emergency. 

Wet wipes are versatile and are not only great for kids, they can also be used to wipe your hands or germs off of any surface area.

This one is a must for moms who are always on the go. It keeps your water cool and are a great alternative to plastic (non-reusable) water bottles.

Carrying your favourite lipstick on hand is great for any busy day. You can re-apply your lipstick after drinking coffee so you look fresh and put together before an important work meeting or school function.