Here’s What You Need To Know About Post-Pandemic Dating

After what feels like being in a Global Pandemic for forever… we’ve finally been let out into the “Wild Wild West” of the dating world again. It feels different this time though. The world of dating has severely changed as many of us have done some major self reflecting, after being locked up for over a year. 

What’s black and white is no longer black and white, it has become grey. Women are more empowered and men have learned to play the long game after being forced to avoid wild one-night-stands and the regular norms of dating that we all got so used to. 

With that being said, things REALLY have changed. Apps are being used less and people seem more excited to be back in the dating world again.  The conversations have become more open and honest with each other after the past year of learning that we had. People are getting to know each other more, it’s less rushed, and there’s less random hook ups. 

People are being more thoughtful and things are going back to the basics: ‘old school dating’ i.e. meeting people IRL. It’s exciting and exhilarating to be able to see people again- let alone date again.

@tezza.barton via Instagram

Personally, since deleting all my dating apps, I’ve had more success than ever before. Mind you I chalk some success up to living abroad, having an accent and being in my mid-twenties, but dating over the past year has gone from being pen pals with anyone you were interested in to finally being able to see people again. Dates are becoming more interesting and people seem to be able to hold a conversation more. It’s less fast paced and more about the actual connection that you have with someone rather than just “dating to date” as it was before. I find, generally speaking, that the conversations I’ve had with people in regards to dating lately have been more in depth, more personal and more vulnerable than it ever was before. Myself along with the majority of my friends, have welcomed the change as it has become so much more civilized than the fast paced dating we had all gotten used to. Dates are becoming more creative, more outside of the box and less of the standard food and drinks. As someone that’s recently started to actively pursue dating again, I’ve never been more excited to date!

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