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Bulova BOLD Women Series with Janice Meredith

There’s a bold spirit in everyone. And with a bold spirit comes timeless collections that capture the essense of each movement and generation. Bulova reminds us that time is what we make of it, and believes in embodying the legend within. Our Bulova BOLD Women Series connects you with inspiring women who embody being Bold at Heart. Here, we’ll learn about their stories and hear how they are creating timeless moments.  

Meet Janice Meredith

Photo credit: Janice Meredith

Photo credit: Janice Meredith

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Much more than a single timepiece, being Bold at Heart is a state of mind. What does being BOLD mean to yo?

To me, being BOLD means acting with confidence when you may not feel that confident. Standing tall with your chin up, ready to move forward despite your knees shaking. We need to make things happen for us so that means stepping up and into what’s in front of us or what it is we want. We can’t sit and wait for things to come along.  I feel being Bold at Heart is harnessing your confidence.

What are some patterns you have noticed that the BOLD women in your life have?

I am so thankful to be surrounded by BOLD women. First and foremost, they lift, support and encourage the other women around them because then we all see how lifting other women up benefits everyone. Being BOLD means you can authentically celebrate a woman’s wins and successes. When you have found that kind of friend who doesn’t see your success as competition, you’ve found a true gem. The women in my life have been the ones to show me a path forward when I didn’t always see it or believe it. Your circle should want you to be your best and with encouragement like that, how can you not win?  We can all exist in success together. It’s this kind and supportive behaviour that continues to pay it forward and will actually create positive change in the world.

The Bulova Bold at Heart Campaign is all about knowing where you come from and to have the courage to take a new step forward. What gives you courage to live out your story?

Haha – I’m not sure where I got the courage to make some of the choices I have had to make in the past. But I have made a few very BOLD choices simply from knowing the current situation wasn’t working and I had to change it. My BOLD decisions were the best for me in that moment regardless of how scary or grand or even alone, I might feel at that time. After that I have given myself permission to make my decisions based on how I feel  and what I know in that moment. And that I am allowed to change my mind when circumstances change. I’m doing the best with what I know in that moment. And that’s okay. Having made it through those challenging times, I want to inspire women to make their bold choices, to be fearless and to see themselves with a kinder eye.

Everyone’s story is comprised of many chapters, what was one of the most influential ones in your journey?

Gah – I could do a whole chapter book! But without a doubt, choosing to leave my husband while I was 5 months pregnant with twins and two other young children at home was the most defining moment for me. I became my own leader and driver. I had done the scariest thing and was at a very low point but in those daunting moments, I realized I could only go up. To move forward on my own path. I was the core of my kids life and wanted to raise them with courage and confidence. With boldness:) Now they have gotten to see me do so many tasks and challenges on my own. We tackle travel adventures, renovations, and just about everything by thinking things through, stepping into being uncomfortable  and definitely with the help of the internet, we can do anything. That moment when I was 5 months pregnant has lead me to my most successful role, my children’s mother. And some might say mother to those around me:)
Photo credit: Janice Meredith

Photo credit: Janice Meredith

The image we present to the world through our fashion and accessories can help us to feel empowered. What’s one thing you put on that makes you feel BOLD?

There has to be one piece of clothing in each outfit that makes me feel fabulous. It’s not a trend item or a new designer piece or shows off a particular body part. It’s something about a piece that just makes me feel amazing. I love wearing clothes and using my wardrobe to express how I want to feel that day. During my pregnancy, I used my outfits to send a message that I was doing just fine while inside I was struggling with my divorce and how to move forward. My outfits project whatever it is I want the world to see that particular day regardless of how I was feeling inside. But if I was really pushed on this question, I would have to say shoes are the one component that pull a bunch of pieces together into an outfit. Shoes can take jeans and a T shirt and deliver a statement to the world. When you have the lift of a heel, you stand taller and command a room.

What would your 15 year old self be most proud of that you have accomplished?

For sure being on TV. It was a low lying dream that I never vocalized because it would have seemed so far out of reach. But through a meandering path of taking opportunities that I come across and leaned into, I have now been an on-air expert for about 12 years. I get to share my idea of what is interesting in fashion and how women can curate items into a wardrobe that best reflects them. I love helping women better understand who they want to project through their outfits and how to break down the trends to best fit that idea. Guiding women to a personal style instead of following fashion is the essence of my Confident Closet Workshop program.
Photo credit: Janice Meredith

Photo credit: Janice Meredith

Our timepieces offer more than functionality, they can symbolize an accomplishment, be passed down as a family heirloom, etc. Do you have a story about a timepiece that holds a specific memory for you?

I don’t have much that has been passed down to me but I love the history in pieces. I’m a sucker for vintage and thrifted pieces because of the stories. I take liberties of creating a story for all my fantastic finds when I don’t know the proper history. I love that heirloom pieces have a quality and a uniqueness that stands out in this current fast everything era. These pieces don’t have to be expensive or rare, they just need to speak to you and evoke a warm feeling. So while I don’t have an heirloom watch story at the moment, I do have a house full of pieces – furniture, decor AND fashion that I have found and collected ready to share with my children. So they can carry on the stories and by the time they have these pieces, there will be their own memories to share.

What do you hope is the legacy you will leave behind?

I want to continue to show my children that kindness and confidence are not singular characteristics. They can go hand in hand. Showing kindness to those around us regardless of their situation is having confidence in ourselves. Take the time to see people. Have confidence to move forward. Be okay with making mistakes and altering your path. It’s much easier of a journey with kindness and confidence.  To be BOLD in the belief of who you are.

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