Are Chunky Chain Necklaces Making a Comeback


The past few years have been a rollercoaster of fashion, but it has been about the subtle, barely there, dainty gold jewelry that has been the key to any outfit. However, things are taking a big turn, and chunky chains are returning. Most of the followed fashion social feeds of fashion bloggers and mood boards are about stacks of thick bangles, loud hoop earrings, and the favorite layers of chunky gold chains.

This trend can be seen all over social media by influencers and celebrities. Even ads from people like Dua Lipa have chunky chains to be seen. The chunky chain trend is all about thick and bold styles that act as a huge statement piece for any outfit. They can be worn independently, or you can mix and match and then layer them up. Instead of adding a little sparkle, these pieces are meant to be the loud accessory that will not blend in the background. They are meant to pop out of your outfit, and there is no way they can fade into the background with their looks.

chunky chain necklace

Source: Style Canada

What Are Chunky Chain Necklaces Called?

If you want to make a statement, then chunky necklaces are one way you can do that. Once you put it on, it will make a huge statement to your ensemble. These great necklaces are large-sized and tend to have over-the-top designs that match a simple outfit. Chunky chain necklaces are meant to be seen and noticed immediately.

Are Chunky Necklaces Making a Fashion Comeback?

The larger-than-life chains are making their way to being the top jewelry trend, and they can be seen on the runways at Hermes and Valentino shows. This season it is perfectly okay to pair up your simple outfits with large silver chains that make a bold statement by themselves or when you layer it up with many over-the-top pieces.

Top 5 Trending Chunky Silver Necklace Styles:

Thick silver Figaro chain necklace
thick silver figaro chain necklace

Source: 925 Express

The Figaro chain is a jewelry piece designed to have oval links with up to three smaller circular rings that look like a curb link chain or cable chain. These chains are often paired with pendants like medallions and crosses, worn mainly by men.

Chunky silver curb chain necklace
curb chain necklace

Source: Fendi

Curb chains have flattened links that are twisted, and they are locked tightly together to create a chain. This is a twist on the classic cable jewelry. Another fact about them is that they are popular for being around 1mm and have larger variations that make statement necklaces.

Thick silver wheat chain necklace
david yurman wheat chain necklace

Source: David Yurman

Spiga or wheat chains are made using four strands of oval links that are twisted. It looks similar to a rope chain. The links are braided and woven together, thus making it a charming type of necklace for most outfits.

Chunky silver rope chain necklace
michael hill ropechain necklace

Source: Michael Hill

One chain necklace that tends to be highly popular is the rope chain necklace. They have different weights and styles. In a classic style, they have uniform links connected to two other links in one place. Thus, the design creates a natural twist. Another type of variation is the French rope chain which has a tight and twisted appearance. However, these are sturdier and heavier than a classic rope chain.

Thick silver herringbone chain necklace
mejuri herringbone chain necklace

Source: Mejuri

Herringbone chains consist of parallel links woven together. The herring fish has many slanted bones, and this style resembles the many bones in the fish. It has its origins in Ancient Egypt.

An interlocking pattern of pointed links characterizes herringbone chains. Because it lies completely flat, wearing this design on its own as a statement piece is ideal. They stay in place when worn because of their fluidity and rigidity.

What’s Your Chunky Chain Necklace Style?

  • Coordinated Queen – This style is perfect if you want less mix-and-match and more matching.
  • Petal to the Metal – With this botanical look, chunky jewelry pairs perfectly with delicate florals.
  • The Minimalist – As the statement can be simple, this chunky choice is ideal for chic lovers.
  • All Stacked Up – If you love layering necklaces, here are some ideas for adding chunky chains.
  • The Maximalist – Are you a fan of bold, beautiful jewelry? Our Maximalist style may be your favorite chunky chain style.
  • Bracelet Party – Here, chunky bracelets get a well-deserved spotlight.

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