About Us

STYLE Canada is a lifestyle destination for modern Canadians.
Founded in 2016, we are an experience lead company. We reach our community through both our online channels and IRL happenings. We focus on our favourite Canadian topics and brands while exploring what is trending globally.

Editor In Chief

Elise Gasbarrino

Elise has spent over a decade establishing herself in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Living in New York City for the majority of that time and working for iconic brands such as Oscar de la Renta and British luxury brand Burberry.

Elise is passionate about her involvement in initiatives that support women. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to invest in female-founded start-up organizations. Her personal experience with cancer lead her to found Pink Pearl Canada, a registered Canadian charitable organization focused on bringing together young women affected by cancer through a network of peer support and innovative programs.

Elise is a recipient of the Burberry Icon Award, has been recognized by Cancer Care Ontario with their Human Touch Award and received the Community Leadership Award from her alma mater The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Elise spilts her time between her residences in Niagara on the Lake and the Hamptons.

Brand Manager

Lucie Mink

Lucie is a West Coast born, Toronto based creative and fashion devotee. Lucie has been working in the fashion industry since the age of 17, when she completed her first internship as a photoshoot assistant at the Aritzia HQ in Vancouver, BC. Whilst completing her undergrad at Ryerson University, Lucie worked in numerous positions at Canadian fashion brands such as MICHI, Goodboy and more.

As much as she loves fashion, Lucie is equally passion about fitness and therapy through movement. Lucie is a certified personal trainer and teaches HIIT classes at Toronto’s premier luxury athletic club, 10XTO.

Lucie has been working with the STYLE Canada team since 2018 and has taken on various roles within that time frame. As a lover of marketing, branding and creative production, she is thrilled to have a diverse and unique role within STYLE.

Lucie is also the founder of DAME @damethebrand, a sustainable line of tie dye garments aimed at raising awareness for slow fashion and up-cycling.

Digital Editor

Anastasia Barbuzzi

Anastasia Barbuzzi is a freelance journalist and STYLE Canada's Digital Editor. She's also a bookworm and lifelong shutterbug, and you'll find her writing about beauty, fashion, life, and style on the internet and in print. A brand with a clean, green attitude and an almond milk cappuccino are a couple of her favourite things.
Business Development

Victoria Barbosa

Victoria Barbosa supports STYLE Canada with Business Development and has been a part of the team since 2017. With a background in strategy and digital, Victoria is incredibly passionate about sourcing up and coming organizations that are aligned with STYLE Canada's community. Whether its a new coffee shop, pop-up shop, or yoga studio in Toronto.. Victoria has probably heard about about it and has it pinned it on her tried and true Google Maps list.

Nabiha Noorani

Nabiha is a fashion and wellness creative and currently works in marketing in the Toronto bridal wear space. She joined the team at Style in early 2020 and handles the social media marketing of multiple platforms as well as project-based initiatives.

After switching majors, she got her start in the fashion industry as a social media intern for a local Toronto-based vintage clothing brand. While completing her undegraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, she worked in multiple positions with athleisure brands such as Untitled & Co., Gymshark, and Winners.

Being an avid traveller, she's visited over 15 different countries and 5 continents and loves experiencing different cultures and foods. While she's passionate about travel, she's also a GTA native and is passionate about brands and initiatives that support her hometown community. In her spare time, you can find her blogging, doing yoga, or planning her next getaway.

West Coast Contributor

Britta Bissig

Britta is the Editor-in-Chief of VancouverVogue.com and the Vancouver Correspondent for Style.ca. She's a lover of fashion, thrifting and beauty, and enjoys sharing her affordable style inspiration and tips to help others look fabulous without breaking the bank. Britta is also a luxury and lifestyle brand PR specialist with White Rabbit Communications.
Wellness Contributor

Melaina Gasbarrino

Melaina Gasbarrino is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and founder of SALT to TREE, a wellness and conservation company that integrates the practices of movement and healing to live WITH the Earth. She believes we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves through these practices and the guidance of teachers.

Her experiences include teaching yoga and practicing reiki in Niagara, Toronto, New York, The Hamptons, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Muskoka, and hosting retreats in Mexico. On any given day you may find her running through the woods or hosting sound bath and restorative yoga classes in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

For STYLE Canada, Melaina's work includes pieces on living more sustainably, yoga sequences, mindfulness and meditation practices.

Health + Fitness Contributor

Gillian Johnson

Gillian Johnson is a a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach and former professional volleyball player.

After graduating from McGill University, she went on to play professional volleyball in Austria and Italy. She's since worked as a strength and conditioning coach, as a nutrition and pain management coach and as a head trainer for national sport associations.

It was when her career as an athlete ended that Gillian started having chronic neck and shoulder pain. She spent years seeing medical professionals, getting tested for tears and dislocations. It wasn't until she started paying attention to HOW she was training and WHAT she was putting into my body that Gillian finally started to manage the pain.

Although she spent the early years of her career working with athletes, her experience working alongside therapists and strength coaches has allowed for her to excel in program design (for weight loss, muscle gain, and pain management), along with nutritional programming in order for clients to achieve optimal health and fitness.

Fashion Contributor

Tania Tonello

Tania is a Toronto based Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper who specializes in Closet Cleansing experiences. Previously working with Holt Renfrew, Winners, Banana Republic, Lululemon and Stella & Dot, Tania has acquired a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience within the fashion industry. She loves educating and empowering others by sharing her fashion knowledge, tips and experience to make them feel like their most confident and best selves.

A former Secondary School Teacher and Executive Search Director, Tania’s diverse resume allows her to contribute to STYLE in a variety of capacities, from content contribution to business development.

When Tania is not shopping and styling, she can be found pursuing her other passion, improv. Inspired by her heroes, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig, she enjoys playing quirky characters alongside fellow improvisers at various Toronto comedy clubs.

Lifestyle Contributor

Kristen Vizzari

Kristen holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Political Science and a Masters of Science Degree in Education. She currently works in hospitality and has been in the customer service industry for the last two decades. She is a freelance writer and a fashion enthusiast. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, running, wine tasting and spending time with her nephews. She resides in Toronto with her fiancé, Nelson and cat, Cordelia.
Food Contributor

Cassandra Wardrope

Cassandra Wardrope is STYLE Canada‘s resident recipe developer and micro-blogger over @tomato__tomatoe. She’s passionate about storytelling through globally inspired cooking and travel, and on style.ca, she helps guide you through a wealth of food knowledge, how-tos, and last minute meals, as well as quick and easy weeknight recipes (like the incredible Baked Shrimp with Feta and Jammy Tomatoes below!). Cassandra has a special talent for making even the most decadent recipes taste just as good with healthier ingredients, and her real-life food photography will have you drooling over every. single. dish. Bon appétit!
Lifestyle Contributor

Linley McConnell

Linley McConnell is the Marketing Manager at her family business Gibson’s Cleaners where she loves to educate on proper garment and clothing care. A yoga instructor, traveller, and writer, she loves things that bring a little more wonder to the world – think magical hotel lobbies, marigold necklaces, and dinner parties that stretch until midnight. She lives in Toronto.
Finance Contributor

Lindsey Hocanin

Lindsey Hocanin loves writing about personal finances. We have a fickle relationship with our money and I am here to make finances not so confusing. When she's not writing, she works at a local college in student recruitment and she's heading back to school to become an ESL teacher. Lindsey is a wife, mom, runner, avid reader and she loves spending her nights at home on the couch binging Netflix.