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Founded in 2016, we are an experience lead company. We reach our community through both our online channels and IRL happenings. We focus on our favourite Canadian topics and brands while exploring what is trending globally.


Elise Gasbarrino (she/her)

Elise has spent over a decade establishing herself in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Living in New York City for the majority of that time and working for iconic brands such as Oscar de la Renta and British luxury brand Burberry.

Elise is passionate about her involvement in initiatives that support women. Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to invest in female-founded start-up organizations. Her personal experience with cancer lead her to found Pink Pearl Canada, a registered Canadian charitable organization focused on bringing together young women affected by cancer through a network of peer support and innovative programs.

Elise is a recipient of the Burberry Icon Award, has been recognized by Cancer Care Ontario with their Human Touch Award and received the Community Leadership Award from her alma mater The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Elise spilts her time between her residences in Niagara on the Lake and the Hamptons.

Digital Editor

Anastasia Barbuzzi (she/her)

Anastasia Barbuzzi is a freelance journalist, STYLE Canada's Digital Editor and the founder of $HMONEY Radio, a podcast designed to make financial literacy approachable, attainable, and fun to talk about for millennial women. She's also a bookworm and lifelong shutterbug, and you'll find her writing about beauty, fashion, life, and style on the web and in print. Besides having a passion for promoting and uncovering ways to live healthily and sustainably, Anastasia loves a brand with a clean, green attitude and an almond milk cappuccino.
Business Development

Linley McConnell (she/her)

Linley McConnell is the Marketing Manager at her family business Gibson’s Cleaners where she loves to educate on proper garment and clothing care. A yoga instructor, traveller, and writer, she loves things that bring a little more wonder to the world – think magical hotel lobbies, marigold necklaces, and dinner parties that stretch until midnight. She lives in Toronto.
Integrated Marketing

Melaina Frances (she/her)

Melaina is the founder of SALT to TREE, a wellness and conservation company she created to integrate the practices of movement (yoga) and healing (reiki and sound baths) to live WITH the Earth. She believes we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves through these practices and the guidance of teachers. Her experiences include teaching yoga and practicing reiki in Niagara, Toronto, New York, The Hamptons, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Muskoka, and hosting retreats in Mexico.

For the past 15 years, Melaina has worked with small businesses developing their marketing strategies, optimizing their businesses and creating unique spaces for companies to showcase their stories. She designs and develops content and brand packages, manages and updates websites, and develops sound strategies across multiple platforms.

Social Media

Annie Flintoft (she/her)

Having graduated from Western University's Media Studies program it's no surprise Vancouver-native, Annie, found her way into a booming industry that will never lose its relevance: Style. She is known as a 'social butterfly' both in and out of a work environment and naturally thrived during the summers she spent as a brand ambassador and working freelance social media and graphic design. Her simple pleasures include five-cent candy, sunsets and fresh-cut flowers! Post-pandemic Annie dreams of traveling (literally anywhere & everywhere) and hopefully living in New York for a year.

Mursal Rahman (she/her)

Mursal is a freelance writer. When she isn't busy writing about all things fashion and beauty, she's busy trying new trends and products. Her goal in life is to discover and share the best tips and tricks with the world. She is a sass queen, fashion enthusiast, and a makeup addict. She may or may not have a shopping addiction. Some of her hobbies include: binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, spending money she doesn't have, and contemplating whether or not to Uber Eats Mcdonalds.
Podcast Producer

Aleah Balas (she/her)

As a recent graduate of Western University, Aleah has worked in a variety of industries including broadcasting, public relations and marketing. She has her own podcast, Can’t Hang, which was born out of the pandemic to help battle feelings of isolation and allow listeners to learn about new perspectives. In keeping with this theme, Aleah seeks to continuously learn and try new things including any sport or international cuisine. If she could live anywhere, she would have a beach house in California and her favourite things include the feeling of a fresh haircut, a piping hot Americano, and the afternoon sun.
Travel Contributor

Michelle Esteban

Michelle is all about Normalizing Luxury. She owns 'The Occasion' which is a Luxury International Event Planning company that takes her all over the world. She is Jamaican born and was raised in Canada and is married to a Spanish born hotelier which his job also moves them to different Carribean destinations worldwide. She is currently living in Canada and the French Quarters of St. Martin. Between both of their careers, she is exposed to amazing lifestyle experiences.

Throughout her work, she's had the opportunity to travel the world and attend some of the most high-profile fashion shows, visit the most exclusive design houses and travel to some of the most sought after bucket list destinations, hotels, restaurants and must do activities in the world.

This enabled Michelle to gain perspective on normalizing luxury and how important personal style looked in other countries. It is also what now sets her apart in creating sophisticated styles and Normalizing Luxury in all aspects of life, especially in travel.

Lifestyle Contributor

Nancy Meyah

Nancy is a lifestyle blogger, and creator of The Selfish Column to educate us all on beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips.

Nabiha Noorani

Nabiha is a fashion and wellness creative and currently works in marketing in the Toronto bridal wear space. She joined the team at Style in early 2020 and handles the social media marketing of multiple platforms as well as project-based initiatives.

After switching majors, she got her start in the fashion industry as a social media intern for a local Toronto-based vintage clothing brand. While completing her undegraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, she worked in multiple positions with athleisure brands such as Untitled & Co., Gymshark, and Winners.

Being an avid traveller, she's visited over 15 different countries and 5 continents and loves experiencing different cultures and foods. While she's passionate about travel, she's also a GTA native and is passionate about brands and initiatives that support her hometown community. In her spare time, you can find her blogging, doing yoga, or planning her next getaway.

Lifestyle Contributor

Kristen Vizzari (she/her)

Kristen holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Political Science and a Masters of Science Degree in Education. Kristen currently works in the beauty industry as Social Media & Marketing Manager. She is a freelance writer, poet and a fashion enthusiast. When she’s not on her laptop, iPad or iPhone, she enjoys travelling, running, wine tasting and spending time with her nephews. Like many millennials, Kristen recently moved from Toronto, back to the Niagara area, where she lives with her fiancé, Nelson and Siamese cat, Cordelia.
Fashion Contributor

Tania Tonello (she/her)

Tania is a Toronto based Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper who specializes in Closet Cleansing experiences. Previously working with Holt Renfrew, Winners, Banana Republic, Lululemon and Stella & Dot, Tania has acquired a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience within the fashion industry. She loves educating and empowering others by sharing her fashion knowledge, tips and experience to make them feel like their most confident and best selves.

A former Secondary School Teacher and Executive Search Director, Tania’s diverse resume allows her to contribute to STYLE in a variety of capacities, from content contribution to business development.

When Tania is not shopping and styling, she can be found pursuing her other passion, improv. Inspired by her heroes, Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig, she enjoys playing quirky characters alongside fellow improvisers at various Toronto comedy clubs.

Health + Fitness Contributor

Gillian Johnson

Gillian Johnson is a a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach and former professional volleyball player.

After graduating from McGill University, she went on to play professional volleyball in Austria and Italy. She's since worked as a strength and conditioning coach, as a nutrition and pain management coach and as a head trainer for national sport associations.

It was when her career as an athlete ended that Gillian started having chronic neck and shoulder pain. She spent years seeing medical professionals, getting tested for tears and dislocations. It wasn't until she started paying attention to HOW she was training and WHAT she was putting into my body that Gillian finally started to manage the pain.

Although she spent the early years of her career working with athletes, her experience working alongside therapists and strength coaches has allowed for her to excel in program design (for weight loss, muscle gain, and pain management), along with nutritional programming in order for clients to achieve optimal health and fitness.

Food Contributor

Cassandra Wardrope

Cassandra Wardrope is STYLE Canada‘s resident recipe developer and micro-blogger over @tomato__tomatoe. She’s passionate about storytelling through globally inspired cooking and travel, and on, she helps guide you through a wealth of food knowledge, how-tos, and last minute meals, as well as quick and easy weeknight recipes (like the incredible Baked Shrimp with Feta and Jammy Tomatoes below!). Cassandra has a special talent for making even the most decadent recipes taste just as good with healthier ingredients, and her real-life food photography will have you drooling over every. single. dish. Bon appétit!
Fashion Contributor

Lexis Rose (she/her)

A Niagara Falls born and raised girl who’s obsessed with everything fashion. Has a passion for working on all forms of social media platforms. Currently living and working in London, England.
Content Creator

Giulia Menechella (she/her)

Giulia Menechella is a Freelance Content Creator and has contributed to STYLE Canada since 2016. She works with many mediums and contributes videography, photography, articles, interviews, and poetry. Giulia has a Criminology degree with minors in Political Science and Italian from the University of Toronto. She developed her interest in the arts during her time at university and submitted a short film to the university's film festival and was an Events Coordinator for the Fashion Networking Organization. She has been working in the creative field ever since graduating. Giulia was based between London, UK and Toronto for the past three years and has recently transitioned to NYC.