KitchenAid's new 5-cup cordless LR food chopper


2021’s Biggest Home Trends According To Vicky Sanderson

“To talk about trends is kind of challenging because there’s such a personal story behind design. It’s a story of who you are, who you engage with, and what your values are. It’s about giving people the tools they need to find their own style,” Vicky Sanderson told STYLE Canada‘s Digital Editor, Anastasia Barbuzzi, over the phone.

After two decades of writing about home and décor for publications like the Toronto Star and Huffington Post, she admits that there’s no simple way to define “home” for everyone. That said, most people have a hard time knowing where to start when it comes to curating a living space, and that’s where Sanderson’s platform, Around the House (ATH), comes in handy.

Vicky Sanderson

Vicky Sanderson

“About five years ago when ATH started getting off the ground, I began to see what worked well in the home as a balance between art and science. You want the roof not to leak, you want the water to run properly, and for it to do that, you need information in order to make good choices,” Sanderson said. “At the same time, I realized it was important for people to know how to build a beautiful home, and so it was time to bring those two things together.”

According to Sanderson and ATH, home owners are becoming more aware of things like how healthy their air is, which has led to the incorporation of smart systems like those for air ventilation. There’s also been a “huge movement” towards softer materials, colours and natural textiles that make people feel closer to nature.

It makes sense, with all the time we’ve been spending inside during the pandemic, and so do many of Sanderson’s predictions for what will be “big” in all areas of the home throughout 2021. Thankfully, she filled us in on what to expect and some of her favourite home items thus far.

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Home Appliances & Tools

Versatile countertop appliances: “People are loving appliances that do more than one thing. Blenders that have a conventional jar and a smaller, portable jar for your smoothie. Some of them even have food chopper attachments!” 

Cordless gadgets: “KitchenAid just launched a line of mixers and other small gadgets that are perfect for small spaces and for people who care about how their countertop looks. We’re seeing a lot of those.”

KitchenAid’s new 5-cup Cordless LR Food Chopper

Cleaning & Organization

Popularizing the “less is more” approach: “This is being driven by an increased desire for people to live intentionally. Over the last year, people have become more aware that it’s not so much the things that make a space comfortable, but how a house feels and flows,” Sanderson said. “If too much impedes the flow of the home, it doesn’t give the things that you love the room to breathe. So, how many things do I need to be happy? The answer will be different for everybody, but people are becoming more aware.”

Self-Care & Health At Home

Embracing a more holistic approach: “There’s not a day that goes without a brand saying their product is going to enhance my wellness or mindfulness at home. This week, I received a Sonos speaker to try and I’m realizing that it connects to mindfulness because in the mornings, I can take five minutes and use it to play meditation music.”

Vicky’s Favourite Home Trends

#1: The notion that people are embracing colour. According to the ATH expert, bold colour can change the way a whole room feels.

#2: That elements of the outdoors are making their way inside.

#3: The idea that design is a personal story; that people feel more comfortable expressing their own tastes.

Vicky’s 2021 Home Essential

The Dyson Lightcycle Task Light: “Not only is it super handsome, it has a function that replicates the natural light in my part of the world, which apparently has many health benefits.”

The Dyson Lightcycle Task Light

Check out the Dyson Lightcycle Task Light here!

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