What You Should Know About Business Internet Service

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Have you ever realized that business Internet connections are often priced higher than residential connections? Most business people need to know the reason they often pay higher prices than their residential counterparts. Well, the concept is simple; comparing these packages is like comparing apples and oranges. To the end user, a connection is the same for both users, however, these packages are different.

Business vs. Home Internet Services

Before we discuss the differences between these two, it’s important to understand the meaning of the term bandwidth. It will make it easier for you to understand these two services. Bandwidth is just like a road. For example, if there is more traffic, the road is likely to be more congested, and that means vehicles will be slow. Also, if thousands of people are heading in a specific direction at the same time, the roads are likely to be more congested.

City planners deal with these traffic issues by building wider roads with numerous lanes. A six or eight-lane road can handle more traffic than a two-lane road. Internet bandwidth is like a road: for both download and upload speeds. If everyone in your company or home is busy with something online at the same time and you lack enough bandwidth (lanes in the case of a road), your Internet speed will be frustrating just like rush hour traffic in a busy city. Note that the bandwidth requirements for your home are different from bandwidth requirements for your business. Here is how.

Excellent Upload Speed is Important for Cloud Backup

Currently, most start-ups and established organizations back up their important operations data on cloud-based servers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage options to keep their data safe and ensure that it’s easily available. To keep this backup option running, you need an Internet connection with a higher upload speed than download speed.

An average Canadian household requires an Internet connection with good download speed to surf online, watch Netflix or upload videos to YouTube. An average Canadian business requires a fast connection with the right upload speed, otherwise backup systems won’t work.

A Static IP Address is Required

In case you have hosted your business website and you need the website to resolve to a server, you need a static IP address. This also applies to hosting your office infrastructures such as A/C controls, mail servers, security cameras, and more. Residential users require fewer static IP addresses than they needed ten years ago. Keep in mind that today’s businesses require static IP addresses and that’s part of the package you will be paying for.
Businesses Never Share Connectivity

It’s easy for people within the same neighborhood to share the same Internet connection. Note that an Internet provider can simply use one fiber or cable into a neighborhood gateway and serve several blocks. When it comes to the provision of the same services to businesses, things are different. They require an independent, excellent fiber with an outstanding upload and download speed.

An ISP must run a dedicated, direct connection which is specifically made for a specific organization. That means your enterprise will not experience slow connectivity during usage all day long. This is very important for enhancing the productivity and morale levels among your employees. After all, no one wants to dedicate all their efforts when working with a slow and frustrating fiber connection.

Whether you intend to install an Internet connection in your home or workplace, you should understand the differences between bandwidth requirements for these settings. Besides, if you own a business and intend to upgrade your package to achieve a particular upload speed, you will be required to pay higher for better bandwidth. These are some of the reasons why company fiber requirements cost more than residential. Keep in mind that even a start-up may require a more expensive Internet service than that required in homes.

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