Stress Less with Saje’s New Collection

Remember those moments as a child when running through wildflowers fields, and playing with your friends were the only things that mattered? When the only thing you ‘worried’ about was making it home before the street lights came on?

Saje Natural Wellness, a Canadian owned company, brings back a childlike wonder in the form a wonderful ‘stress less’ collection. When you purchase any stress release goods from Saje, you’ll find summer days do really last forever.

It’s time to bring back dancing in the sweet spring rain, taking time to meditate in the morning and letting go of clients who need something asap.

Stress Less.

As you sit at your desk, you feel the tension rising through you, as your boss wants you to do is near impossible in the next 15-minutes – so you reach into your bag, roll on Saje’s Stress Release Roller. You remind yourself you got this. Rolling the roller over your neck and shoulders, your soul fills with a powerful blend of grounding essential oils like lavender, and chamomile. As you sit there, you know you can totally accomplish the task at hand.

Bath Salts + Diffuser Blends

One of my favourite evening rituals to release stress after a crazy long day, is to draw a hot bath with Saje’s Stress Release Soothing Bath Salts. With the sweet smells of lavender and orange filling the air, I feel as if I’ve stepped into a fairytale where stress is never, ever part of the equation. Turning on my Saje diffuser, the greatest hues of soothing sage flow through the air with the Stress Release Diffuser Blend and I completely let go.

Bring balance back into your whole being by having Saje’s lovely stress release roller just inches away from you at every moment of the day. The pressures of life will always be there, but life isn’t about making billionaires of dollars, it’s about experiencing moments of happiness, and being around people you love. Knowing that Saje has created 100% natural stress-free goods, we know you’re already feeling a sense lightness in your soul the moment you purchase any one of these wonderful goods.

Contributor: Melaina Gasbarrino
Melaina is the founder of
SALT to TREE a wellness company that integrates the practices of movement (yoga) and healing (reiki + sound baths) to live WITH the Earth.

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