The Musts of North America

The United States of America is easily one of the most interesting and exciting countries on the planet. Every year, tourists from all over the world travel to America to bear witness to historic monuments and locations, such as the Empire State Building, the Grand Canyon and Disneyworld Florida.

However, you must be fully prepared before travelling to the USA and that is where we can help you. In order to ensure that you get the most out of your trip, please read our advice – we will give you the do’s and the don’ts as well as the best places to visit. Just check out our tips below:

New York City is a must

A tourist favourite. New York is home to some of the biggest business corporations in the world but it is hugely popular with travellers due to the history and appeal of the city. With the newly build World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty and National History Museum, New York has plenty of different activities to keep you entertained depending on whether you like history, geography or simply want to explore the local area.

If you are a shopping fan, Fifth Avenue is an absolute must and don’t forget about Times Square. It truly is one of the spectacular attractions in the city and you can immerse yourself in the entire culture of New York on Broadway by checking out one of their infamous shows. All in all, New York HAS to be one of the first places on your list.

Visit America’s playground

You can’t visit the USA without checking out Las Vegas. The world-famous Vegas strip is an absolutely breath-taking sight to behold and you will be shocked to see the sheer size of the casino establishments. Most of the complexes are home to luxurious hotels, busy nightclubs and pool parties throughout the day but some take it that one step further and have dolphin sanctuaries, wedding chapels and theatre venues inside.

If you plan on hitting Vegas, be sure to practice roulette and other games at online websites in advance. Roulette is better when you have a strategy and the different offers at Lucky Nugget Casino can help you to save money whilst learning the ropes. So get playing and you could be the king of the Las Vegas strip – most of the casinos offer the same games that are available at most online establishments so you will be familiar with the concept.

Miami is a good shout – just avoid hurricane season!

If you love theme parks and fairground rides then Disneyworld in Florida is the place to go. Whilst America is home to a number of the world’s biggest and most popular theme parks, Disneyland is one of the originals and millions of ride-lovers travel to the iconic venue on a yearly basis.

However, it might be more prudent for adults to check out the surrounding areas of Miami, including downtown. With stunning views and beautiful sandy beaches, it truly is one of the best places in America to catch a few rays and admire the view.

If you are here during March and Miami Music Week, you could try to get a ticket to the huge Ultra Music Festival – which attracts some of the biggest and best DJs in the world. Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity to check out Miami – you won’t regret it!

Contributor: Amerie Morrisons
Photo: Unsplash

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