Lifestyle Awareness: Understanding Your Indulgent Habits

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We all have our guilty habits. Our vices, our indulgent hobbies and tastes that, whilst not healthy in the strictest sense of the word, keep us going through the nine-to-five grind. Sometimes we all just need to relax and give ourselves a little break. And there’s nothing wrong with that! We should, however, understand what’s taking place at the time, and the machinations behind it all. Here are three common treats and some insider knowledge as to how they work behind the scenes.

Junk Food: the Ins, the Outs, the Cravings

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Whether you’re eating out, ordering in or hauling home a bag of goodies to munch in front of a soppy rom-com, junk-food can be a great emotional boost for when you’re feeling blue. High-sugar and fat content food releases dopamine in the brain (chocolate especially!), a happy chemical that can level out a bad mood in no time. This high, however, is temporary, and that’s the most important thing to remember when splashing out on Friday night Chinese food. It’ll provide temporary relief to what might be a more permanent problem. Consider whether or not a home cooked meal made with love, either by yourself or a loved one, might not be more productive. In the end, it’s all about balance. A little bit of sugar here or there helps the medicine go down, but a whole tub of Neapolitan ice cream only leaves you bloated on the couch.

Weekend Slots, Out in Town or From the Sofa

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We all like a game of chance from time to time. It can be down at the casino, the local arcade or a friendly game of blackjack with the guys on a weeknight – and with the rise of online gaming, this is an easier itch to scratch than ever before. Slots, bets, wagers and games are accessible from the laptop at the end of your bed to your phone on the commute back from work. With responsible play and budget, this can be a great way to blow off some steam. You should understand the terms and conditions of these kinds of systems, however. Many sites offer sign up bonuses, play bonuses and cash match input. What many people don’t know however, is that you’ll need to bet that bonus a certain number of times before you can claim your prize. Read up on game contribution limits, educate yourself about the bonuses, and then enjoy with the knowledge that you’re up to snuff on how the practice works.

The Lazy Sunday – the End of Productivity

Closed curtains. Alarm clocks set permanently on snooze. Chirping birds and a casual sunrise. A lie-in at the weekend is a welcome blessing for many of us. It’s a chance to catch up on lost sleep and revel in the decadence of a day off work. Know that this is your body’s chance to recharge, regroup and get back to normal. Consider this, though: if you spent Sunday morning doing chores, chores that you might usually do during the week, would you really be so exhausted by the time the weekend rolls around? Sunday doesn’t have to be the death of productivity. It might be better to spread your workload evenly across seven days, rather than having five or six going full-steam-ahead and reserving only one for recovery. There’s no denying that rolling over for a doze is one of life’s great pleasures, but it might not be so necessary if we were to be smarter about how we spend our time.

Either way, indulgent habits are a much needed release when done in moderation, so head on out and enjoy – or don’t. Have another Sunday morning nap. The bed is super comfy, after all.

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