How-To: KonMari Your Shopping Habits With Pro Organizer Michele Delory

The concept of KonMari has become the ultimate guide to decluttering your entire life, thanks to Marie Kondo: bestselling author and star of Netflix’s Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. While the success stories a part of her reality show can seem untouchable, there’s one Toronto-based organizer that’s helping Canadians achieve spring cleaning outcomes they could’ve never imagined.

A professional organizer with experience in home decor, fashion, and design, Michele Delory was taught the art of KonMari by Kondo herself. After completing her training in March of 2018, Delory officially became Certified KonMari Consultant #101, respectfully. Ever since, she’s been #sparkingjoy as a source for advice on all things decluttering, especially when it comes to implementing cleaner habits into everyday life.

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In fact, Delory has identified four consumer shopping trends for 2020 and she’s giving STYLE readers tips on how-to easily adopt them into their routines. Keep scrolling to discover the magic that the KonMari method can have on your shopping habits, helping you cleanup physically and financially at the same time.

Trend #1: Canadians are growing concerned about the amount of waste they contribute to the planet and are becoming more mindful of reducing their environmental footprint.

In order to reduce waste and your environmental footprint, Delory suggests the following:

  • Invest in low-waste products. You’ll save money in the long-term and benefit the environment.
  • Do research to identify brands that produce low-waste products such as bamboo cutlery and toothbrushes, glass mason jars, cotton mesh shopping bags, steel food containers and straws (check out our Australian friends at The Other Straw), and re-useable wax wraps. These items are quickly becoming more accessible, and are easy to implement into daily routines.
  • Invest in high-quality, capsule fashion items. It will benefit both your wallet and your wardrobe.
  • Evaluate the quality and longevity of each wardrobe selection, and opt for things that fit your needs whether they are sustainable and new, gently used, or vintage. You may spend more money upfront on a product that’s sustainable and ethically made, but these pieces will stand the test of time and need replacing less often.
  • Evaluate the versatility of a garment. If you can wear it many times, for multiple occasions and in different ways, it will have better cost per wear.
  • Clothing and accessories that no longer serve you can be up-cycled by selling or trading them. You have the opportunity to make money in the process, so you can buy something you really love. Get started with eBay.

Trend #2: Canadians are increasing their support for local businesses.

To help your local economy, Delory recommends:

  • Searching Canadian businesses of all sizes online.
  • On sites like eBay, utilize the ‘shop Canadian’ filter for items with fast and free shipping.

Trend #3: Canadians are buying refurbished or gently used home, tech, and fashion items to save money and contribute meaningfully to the sharing economy.

In order to shop more sustainably and support local Canadian brands, Delory suggests:

  • Looking for refurbished items like vacuums from big brands. An item is refurbished when its resold after being tested for quality and performance, and any prior defects are repaired. In many cases, it’s also sold in its original packaging and with a manual.
  • Consider monthly clothing subscriptions, car borrowing services, and consumer electronic rentals.

Trend #4: Canadians are starting to incorporate their desire for a healthy lifestyle into their shopping.

After identifying health-related tools and practices you can *realistically* see yourself using every day, Delory recommends:

  • Researching easy and practical ways to prioritize self care. If you invest in any products or tools, consider how they’ll help you fight stress and anxiety, and take more personal time. Think critically about what a brand or product is promising you, and if it’s truly a fit for your current life at home and on the go. If the item is only going to take up space, then reconsider.
  • Health is becoming even more important than wealth, so consider a range of options like apps, activewear, equipment, juicers, and natural beauty products.

Which one of Delory’s tips do you plan on incorporating into your routine? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo courtesy of Michele Delory.

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