How to be eco-friendly on a budget

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Many of us see the words “organic”, “natural” and “eco-friendly” and assumed its a marketing gimmick and are skeptical about the product. You’d be right. Many corporations have jumped on the eco-friendly train and slap labels like the aforementioned ones above, when in fact these products are not natural or organic.

Thankfully, there are more and more companies who are creating products which are ethically sourced and made, with sustainable materials and are awesome for the environment. I have been ‘voting with my dollars’ and through my minimalism journey, been supporting companies that care about the environment and making a quality product.

First, let’s look at eco-friendly clothing. This one could take up the whole post, but I’ll promise to try and be brief. One company that I love is Toronto-based clothing company Encircled . I have bought a pair of the dressy joggers, t-shirts and a bralette and I love them all. The material is SO soft and comfortable. They are also pretty true to your size. I can dress them up for work and dress down to go to the park. They have a pretty active social media presence (especially on Instagram: @encircled) and all of their clothes are ethically made in Toronto. Another company I love is Everlane. They are primarily an online retailer, with a couple of brick and mortar stores in San Francisco (where they are based) and NYC. I am a little wary of purchasing clothes online, so when we went to New York a few weekends ago, I finally got to go to their store! I’m glad I got to try the clothes on, as I needed to go up a size for both the dress (which I got in canary yellow) and jeans. Now that I know my size for a variety of items, I can confidently shop online.

Perhaps these stores aren’t an option for you or your budget. What better way to shop eco-friendly than by thrift shopping? While researching for this post, I went on Value Village website to see what’s new, and my God, they have updated! I really like their laser-focus on clothing waste and sustainability. I’ll definitely be checking them out before I buy something new.

Let’s take a look at beauty products. I really like for a lot of reasons. First, they use minimal packaging with their online orders. They promote a lot of eco-friendly and Canadian products and they ship super fast. A lot of beauty products can be DIY, but to be honest, I haven’t caught on this train. I do love Lush products, especially their package-free shampoo and conditioner. This is awesome to use for travelling, as it allows minimal items in my toiletries bag. I also use their face cleansers and they do wonders for my sensitive skin. I also use Pure + Simple, a Toronto based skin care company. Their moisturizer and facial oils are a dream and amazing to use in the cold winter.

Cleaning products are also something which can be a DIY, which again, I need to do more of. I have made my own room spray, with lavender essential oil, vodka and water. I don’t know what the rations are, but I just throw it in a spray bottle and call it a day. David Suzuki’s website has a great resource on how to make DIY household cleaners.

After writing this post, I’ve realized I need to practice what I preach. Two new things I am going to try are:

  1. Buy a spring essential clothing item from Value Village
  2. Make 2-3 cleaning products

What about you? What eco-friendly things can you bring into your life? I’ll let you know how I do next week!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Lindsey Hocanin

Lindsey Hocanin

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