Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Winter Blues

Wintertime in Canada means one thing and one thing only: seriously low temperatures. As we bundle up this winter and prepare for the holiday, it’s only natural to want to stay cooped up . That being said, given the fact that so many people are susceptible to seasonal depression as the weather changes, it’s incredibly important that we stay on our toes and avoid getting the down in the dumps as we stay indoors. 

Therefore, what better time than now to glam up your living space and invest in some new décor? Think about it: instead of wishing what you could be doing outdoors, be proactive and use your time to breathe some new life into your space and get rid of your dull or drab pieces. The question remains: where do you start?

Stylish Shades

The sun may not be shining much right now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to soak up some rays once the snow clears. Especially during dreary weather, it’s important to get natural sunlight whenever possible; on the flip side, sometimes we want to shut ourselves away from the seemingly endless snow.

Investing in a stylish shading solutions such as roman shades may very well do the trick. With a variety patterns that mesh with just about any color scheme, you can control what you see outside and give your windows a bit of a glam factor.

Love Your Lighting

Speaking of light, now might be the best time to spruce up your lamps and lighting fixtures to avoid feeling so gloomy. If you’re lacking natural light, consider a chandeliers or lamps with colored, florescent bulbs. There’s plenty to play with in terms of light: whether you hit up your local antique store for a new lamp or simply want to rearrange your current fixtures, feel free to experiment.

Tie the Room Together

Ever feel like there’s something missing from one of the rooms of your home? Something as simple as a new rug can help tie the room together. Instead of buying a ton of pricey décor, consider how you can use a single, simple piece to make your existing décor pop. From a rug that takes up the majority of your floor space to a new picture frame, don’t ignore the principles of minimalism when it comes to decorating.

Paint the Walls

Likewise, sometimes it takes a whole new color scheme to bring your home to life. For example, black and white arrangements are all the rage right now; meanwhile, a classic, neutral-colored wall fits with any living space. Since painting can be a tedious process, why not experiment with a new color while you’re stuck at home?

Rearrange and Breathe

If you’re feeling particularly claustrophobic, it may be prudent to consider rearranging your furniture to give your space some breathing room. As a rule of thumb, try to make sure your furniture hugs the walls as much as possible and that you keep the middle of any given room open.

Regardless of what your winter plans are, take some time for yourself to feel fabulous. The aforementioned decor tips can help you feel a little less blue this winter and allow you to finally live in the home space you’re comfortable in.

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